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Helen Pizey

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27 Sep 2021
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On the 9th September I embarked on a new adventure, it’s my choice and something that will forever change my life. But what if I didn’t have a choice, what if it was a journey I didn’t want to take, what if it was something I had absolutely no control over? What if it was a journey where I didn’t know the outcome? I am so lucky that as I begin my journey I don’t have these question but for those that do life takes on a whole new meaning. They are going to go through pain and uncertainty that I can only imagine. I cannot take that away, I cannot make it better. What I can do is make sure they don’t have to make that journey alone. What I can do is raise money so there are people to help them. People to answer those unanswered questions, people to hold and help them when the world is a bleak and it seems all the lights have gone out. If I can make even the smallest amount of difference for those on a journey they didn’t choose then I think I should. I am asking for your help. They say that a persons crowning glory is their hair. But what if it wasn’t? what if, through no fault of your own, that vestige of humanity was taken away? Help me to show them they are not alone. Help me to show that although we may be on different journeys we can be there for one and other.
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