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Graeme Smith

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07 Apr 2021
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The mop has to have a party with the clippers. Here’s why. In 2020 after a bit of a rollercoaster journey I found out that I’ve of got a ‘pre cancerous’ blood disease called PGNMID. Aside from the snappy title, I’ve been put on a weekly Chemotherapy regime since November 2020 and the results have been really encouraging - if all goes to plan some sort of normality should return and I’ll get rebooted in the summer. Macmillan have been there for information, research and support so it would be great if I can give something back. Cancer and cancer related conditions affects so many people and what Macmillan do really does make a difference, we’ve all experienced someone close affected by cancer and in the past enjoyed and now miss Macmillan coffee mornings in the office so like many charities innovative ways of fund raising have to take their place. This year I also will be hitting the half century, so as I’m effectively going to be under house arrest a while longer while the treatment is going on I’ve chosen to brave the shave on my 50th birthday. My treatment has made my hair go thin and a bit Boris, and I thought this would be a fun thing to live stream seeing as I can’t celebrate as we’d hoped to. The more I raise, the shorter the clippers will be set, So please don’t give too generously! Thanks
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