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Gary Baldi And The Biscuits

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23 Aug 2019
Mary Webb & Duncan (Gary), anyone who's suffered (Lee) & his brother (Ryan)
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We're a threesome and all have different reasons for wanting to do this (apart from being a bit crazy). Gary's reasons are two fold - in memory of his Nan, Mary Webb who died as a result of lung cancer. This is despite having never smoked in her life. Second is his good friend Duncan who had testicular cancer and survived, albeit it was a hell of a struggle. Lee's reasons are equally important - he's doing this for anyone who has been affected by any type of cancer, including a couple of members of his immediate family. Good lad (we won't mention the Everton supporting bit). Finally, and by no means least, Ryan. Ryan's doing it in memory of his brother who sadly passed away due to brain cancer. Fittingly, the shave day is the day after the 5th anniversary of his passing. Great work lads. Let's do this!
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