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Gary Knight

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07 Oct 2019
❤️❤️❤️ Ladies and Gentleman, many of you will know that in 2012 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. My recovery had been absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately last moth my CT scan revealed that I had pancreatic cancer which is a extremely aggressive cancer, I was also told that I have a blood clot in my liver. Unfortunately treatment was cancelled last week due to a shortage of beds on the High Dependency Ward, it has now been scheduled for this Friday 13 September. Surgery is high risk but i face my battle with cancer with great strength and positivity, as you will be aware. My fight with pancreatic cancer is a positive fight and I would love your help in making this journey memorable for all the right reasons. Many of you will remember the last time I fought cancer and with the help from my sister Shelley we raised lots of money to help children battling cancer, it meant so much to me and Shelley. And when I recall my first cancer diagnosis I do not remember The difficulties, I remember the day we raised all that money for poorly children, it is one of the proudest moments in my life. I am not prepared to go through this journey without giving something in return and I am aiming to brave the shave on a Thursday, the day before surgery. Macmillan have helped me so much and they help so many people who are struggling with cancer. As my friend will you please help me make this chapter in my life highly memorable for all the right reasons? You know how much your help and support would mean to me ❤️❤️❤️ Money is tight if all you can manage is £1 I would be so thankful 🙏 Please remember add gift aid extra money paid by the goverment
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