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Fam Darweish

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14 Jul 2019
Abbas Darweish. Mohammed Darweish. Terry King. Debbie King. Bibi Salha. Sue Corbishley
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Is it my age or times/climate we live in but I seem to have lost a lot of loved ones to the big C and cry and remember them most days. Then again I have family & some well loved close friends who have fought and given the big C a kick in the proverbial and I am grateful. I feel shaving my curls is nothing compared to what they and the families have gone through and if I can raise some money for Macmillan, who were always there for us, in the process it’s a bonus. And hey it’s summer, it’s going to be hot (isn’t it??) so it’ll be a good opportunity to keep cool! And above all it’s just hair and I’m lucky so far to shave it for a good reason. 👩🏽‍🦱 - 👩🏽‍🦲 xxx
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