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Emma Whiddington

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03 Jun 2020
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WE ARE raising money to give back to a service that is integral to NHS cancer care in the UK. On a national and personal level, this organisation provides unique and desperately needed support to individuals and families affected by cancer. At the beginning of this year I experienced first hand how stigmatising and terrifying the disease can be. SO as I'm riding the waves of remission and the shadowy fears of a global pandemic. I'm shaving my head AGAin to do what I can with your help. As a witness to the hell and back that the disease can be, I would like to take that opportunity to take out the fear that surrounds the disease and support Macmillan. Patients and survivors still require support and a high level of care amidst the global crisis. I would also like to bring awareness to the symbiotic relationship Macmillan has with NHS oncology departments all over the country. It's rarely seen unless you are in the pits of a diagnosis. We are facing incredible tough times without a doubt. I ask that you please find a way to support my fundraising mission. Many services that are not just being effected by funding cuts and regional health care redevelopment but most urgently the Corona Virus. This is a dark time for cancer patients, let's come through and provide where we can. Lets getting buzzing sweet honey bees!
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