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Em I

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30 Jun 2021
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*** I declare to shave my head now and also weekly for as long as funds will come into this profile at Macmillan Charity account. I hope this drop in an ocean of needs will support many. Thank you very much for every little support. *** In memmory of our lovely friend Sara. Sara's intelect, bright smile and sense of humour will shine on us forever. I told you luv many times that I was fond of your gorgeus silver hair 💜💜💜 You are missed *** Its hard to imagine how hard for anyone is to loose hair due to cancer, chemo, trauma, grief. I feel You. Im with you. You are not alone. Lets hope, despite the global healtcare crisis, no one will be going through this on its own and Macmillan will be supporting everyone on all levels in the recovery journey. 💜💜💜
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