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Eliza White Buffalo

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15 Apr 2019
Seventeen years ago I had a serious car accident, and I had a near death experience that led to me having a complete change of perspective on life. I began to heal my body and my soul too. I had short hair then, and I began to grow it, As it grew my strength came into my body and soul. For some time now I have been seeing myself with short hair, and I feel this will be a new phase in my life - I had the before the accident phase, the healing phase, and now this will be the new me phase. I don't need the long hair any longer lol. Also, a loved one passed away with pancreatic cancer. If I can couple cutting my hair with raising money to provide the comfort needed by people in her situation, and their families who also suffer so much, then it is a no brainer... don't go short Eliza, brave the shave! In gratitude for Bernadette, and all she gave to me from her heart and soul.
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