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Debbie Lee

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15 Aug 2018
My Dad, Gordon Farrington. My Uncle Tony Harker. My Auntie Francis Randall. Friends: Christine and Daniel. And so many more Friends & Family - SADLY TOO MANY. May they all rest safe with the Angels.
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I have a very dear friend fighting cancer at the moment. I'm doing this for them, to show my solidarity and support. I've also had too many family & friends whose lives have been affected by cancer, and the Macmillan Nurses where a great support to them. So I want to raise funds for Macmillan cancer support. Finally, I'm hoping I can donate my hair to the Little Princess' Trust, so that children & young adults affected by cancer, can wear a wig made of real hair. My hair is so precious to me, and therefore the most precious gift i can offer. Shaving it off, raising funds and donating it, will make it even more precious to those who suffer, and hopefully recover, from this terrible disease. Please support them by supporting me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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