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Daniel Somers

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13 Nov 2018
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I've known a guy for a few years now. A few months ago he was diagnosed with lung cancer. If you search for Steve Rooke (Ipswich) on here, you'll find his details but I forgot to donate and feel bad, I'm going to go one step further... Have my own head shaved which will go towards his own fundraising for Macmillan so here goes. I'm going to mix this up. If we reach £250, the crop on top is coming off, if we reach £350 the low arm hair will be waxed by the misses... If we reach over £500, lower legs as well, if anyone donates over £30 in one hit, you'll be put in a raffle and the winner can do the waxing if you wish. - If anyone donates over £40 in one hit, I will do the tops of my legs as well. It will be recorded and shared on social channels.
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