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Daniel Debenham

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03 Apr 2019
[Update: Thanks to the generosity of all the friends and family that have so far donated, I have reached my target of £700! This means the beard will be coming off as well as the hair.] I am going to shave my gorgeous locks off in the hope to raise some money for Macmillian Cancer Support. Macmillan is a great cause! "As well as helping with the medical needs of people affected by cancer, Macmillan also looks at the social, emotional and practical impact cancer can have, and campaigns for better cancer care." I am hoping that with the help of my amazing friends and family we can band together and raise a considerable amount of money for this important cause. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. I am nervous about going completely bald... However, I'll be sure to upload an 'After the shave' photo here on my 'Brave the Shave' page and plenty of pictures and videos on Facebook.
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