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Damien McLaughlin

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06 Dec 2019
It's been 8 weeks since my wife found a lump on her breast. Then she got the news no-one wants to hear "It's cancer". Processing this was tough & telling the kids was even harder but Fiona just wanted it out. Fast tracked & 2 operations later (within 2 weeks) and the cancer is out. To keep it away Fiona needs Chemo. She like all others will lose her hair. The very least I can do to show my support is to shave off mine. She is the bravest person I know as not only has she to face this battle but she still coming to terms with losing her mum the year before to the same dreaded disease. But you know what, she had her first bout of chemo today & she laughed and smiled the whole way through. The nurses were absolutely amazing & have been godsends so far. Truly fantastic people. So I'm hoping to raise a wee bit of money to help Macmillan Cancer support keep doing what they do because they make it so much easier. #notallsuperheroeswearcapes #everylittlehelps
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