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Dafydd Rees

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22 Jan 2021
Grampa Stuart and Nanny Bradley
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Hi all, My name is Dafydd, I’m 18 years old, and I am from South Wales. Macmillan is a charity that has a place close to mine and my family’s heart. In August 2018, we lost my Grampa after a very short battle with cancer and in December 2019, we sadly also lost my nan after she lost her fight against the cruel disease. Sadly, as some may know this is a very traumatic experience for the family and loved ones involved and no matter what, you can never prepare yourself for what is to come. From diagnosis right through to the funeral and beyond, the nurses have been right by our sides. Whether it was as simple as asking how we are, giving us a shoulder to cry on or making hot drinks and bringing us my grampa’s favourite biscuits (squashed fly biscuits) when we couldn’t leave our loved one's sides, the support Macmillan have provided has been invaluable to our family’s bereavement and coming to terms with my grandparent’s passings. Every year, my school is proud to take part in the Macmillan coffee morning, and we are always finding ways to support local charities. However, 2020 was different. Following government guidelines to keep us all safe, we could no longer fill our assembly halls, staff rooms and classrooms with hot coffee and cakes all in aid of a good cause (trust me, I missed the cakes… Luckily, mum has been busy baking in lockdown!). Of course, this was a shame to realise, given the direct impact Macmillan have had on my family’s life. Not letting this put me down, I wanted to find a way to still raise money. Now as many of you may know, I love my hair, it’s who I am, I often get referred to as ‘Dafydd, you know — the one with the hair!’ Previously, the thought of ever cutting it off would kill me but after a bit of deliberating, I knew that this would be a sure-fire way of raising some crucial funds for Macmillan. If there was a year that charities like Macmillan needed help, it would be 2020. They have kept providing services throughout the entire pandemic helping those who need it most, but fundraising events have all had to be postponed and as a result, a significant amount of money has been lost. I understand that this is a difficult time for many people and I don’t want anyone to donate if you are struggling to make ends meet, but if you can, please consider donating. Whether it’s the £2 you would normally spend on your weekly coffee or the spare change you have found in your car, any amount goes a long way. Did you know that just a £20 donation could pay for 50 copies of booklets for Macmillan’s support centres helping people recently diagnosed with cancer understand more about the help available? If you have read this far, a share would be appreciated, it means just as much to me and could open the door to a whole new world of potential donations. Finally, can I say a MASSIVE thank you from me and my family, I hope you all stay safe and have a good start to 2021, Dafydd Rees :)
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