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Claire Wiltshire

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30 Aug 2019
Ray 'the best dad' Williams
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My lovely dad died of mantle cell non-hodgkin's lymphoma in 2014, Macmillian did not get the chance to support my dad as it was all very quick at the end, however, I know that Macmilian rely on the donations of the general public like us and without this so many people would not have access to the support that can be offered. I also know several people that have been affected by cancer and feel that I owe this to them as well! I would really appreciate any donations that people can afford, I recognise that there are always fundraising pleas on facebook these days and it can get overwhelming, therefore please do not feel this is something you have to do... I now just need to work out where to do my shave and whom could do it for me.... I am also looking forward to welcoming my grey hairs, as once it starts to grow back... it'll be what it'll be. :-) I best start looking for some hats to go with my wardrobe!!! Gulp UPDATE ALERT: My Brave the Shave will be at 'The Plough' in Birstall - 30th August at 7pm
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