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Chris Powell

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26 Jun 2021
Vanessa Powell
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Hi to everyone Before we start it's not in memory, my wife Vanessa she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer in early December 2020 and had a mastectomy in mid January 2021 the surgery and therapy went well Vanessa's consultant and team were absolutely brilliant and the aftercare from prince Philip hospital in Llanelli in one word GREAT Cancer is an bloody awful disease as it not only affects the body but it takes an awful amount out of the mind perhaps the psychological aspect is more terrifying for Vanessa and all our family is ,has it gone or is it still there lurking waiting to erupt when we least expect it .As for us we were very lucky that Vanessa was on a cancer programme that breast test Wales was running where Ness had an ultra sound with her mammogram and that's how they found the cancer. There were no lumps or bumps no contours no discolouration there was nothing at all My sister in law Alison was not so lucky and had the disease and bravely fought it until
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