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Chloe Norbury-Morris

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16 Feb 2019
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So I've been thinking about shaving my head for a long time, but every time I put it off, because I'm scared to, but recently I thought why not, it's only hair, it doesn't define me. I've been speaking to a friend about it and she told me to do it for Brave The Shave so I can donate the money towards Macmillan to help people with cancer. I didn't want to just shave my head, I want to help people who are less fortunate. I just feel people who go through cancer need more support around them ♡♡ cancer is a very horrible illness and I wanted to help the people who have to suffer with it and their families who have be affected by it! So basically I'll be shaving my head on the 16th of February and I'd be really grateful if you would spare any money (even £1) you have to put towards this great cause! ♡ Thank you! ♡
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