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Carley Bimpson

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28 Feb 2021
Paul Bimpson
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Hey im Carley, I have seen many people brave the shave and decided that i would like to be apart of it. My dad Paul Bimpson passed away at the age of 58 in 2017. We got the most devestating news ever the 3 words came from him on mothers day 2014 "I have cancer". I will never forget that day. The cancer my dad had been diognosed with was stage 4 bowel and liver Cancer. He went through 3 years plus of Chemotheropy we all could see he was deteriorating. But never thought the out come would be to loose him always thought he would come clear and with treatment would save him. deep down we knew it was going to happen but just didnt know when. He was such an inspirational person i couldnt of wished for a more caring kind helpful hard working Dad. Loved by Many. I have taken part in "It's a knock out" all money raised went to dove house hospice which is where he was cared for towards the end. I would like to take the opportunity again to help donate towards this horrible disease and help towards care to others. What better way lets do brave the shave me and my mum Kim Bimpson will both be doing brave the shave on the 28/02/2021 which was the day my dad was born 28/02/1959. please could you kindly help me donate to this amazing charity. My target has been set to £300 as this is a massive mission for me as a person to do.
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