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Ben McDonald

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27 Sep 2019
Jeanette McDonald
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I am going under the clippers for 'Brave The Shave' on Friday 27th September to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support as their volunteer nurses were fantastic support and comfort to my Mum, Jeanette McDonald, who passed away in 2015 following her lengthy battle with breast, bone and brain cancer. Friday 27th September is also my Mum's birthday so it seems only fitting to undertake the shave on such a poignant day. However, this is as much about ensuring the future of the charity, supporting those in need now, ensuring their future as much as it is about remembering those we have lost. There are millions of sufferers worldwide and its time to show some love back by going bald! Cancer has taken a number of my family members and friends over the years and the work and support that Macmillan do and provide to help and assist cancer patients and raise awareness is incredible. Long long may they be supported to continue their amazing work. My target is £500 pounds but if we can smash through that barrier then keep the donations coming! I will be doing my shave at my office, 2Heads in Bourne End, on the same day as the Macmillan Coffee Morning. Get those hands in your pockets! #bravetheshave
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