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Aurelie Fontan

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01 Nov 2020
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A couple months ago during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a close relative of my partner got diagnosed with cancer, again. It has affected our family bubble in many ways and I know it affects a lot more people across the UK as well. There isn't much people like us can do to practically help research advance, but with a lot of small contributions, we can make a difference to the life of so many people diagnosed with cancer, so they can have better treatment and better chances to recover from it. Shaving my head for the first time, I am challenging myself to strip my identity from vain considerations which are not a day-to-day preoccupation of people who are experiencing serious illnesses. It is in support of anyone who has been through this that I would like to ask you : if you feel that this may be a cause you would like to support, please donate, so that current and future generations can win the fight against cancer.
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