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Anne Cooper

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20 Jul 2019
Everyone that is enjoying this momentous day and is celebrating 20th July, proving what can be achieved with such limited technology, that 'Giant Leap for Mankind', after the Eagle had landed, happened 50 years ago. I was just 'Brave and got Shaved' today.
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In order to celebrate 5 years of being cancer free I decided to give myself a makeover. You've guess it, I'm 'Braving the Shave'. I'm one of the lucky one's. Within a week of going to my Doctor I was sent for a diagnosis at the hospital, where within a month my right breast was removed and my body was free of cancer and still is. I hope you will join me in donating to this wonderful, supportive, worthwhile cause, who give so much assistance and care to those in need. A Huge 'THANK YOU' to everyone who has made this such a worthwhile journey to venture on xxx
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