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Anna Rees

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30 May 2021
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My best friend Carly Jones has just been diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time in 2 years. She has Hodgkin’s lymphoma again. Carly is the most inspirational person I know! Not only has she already fought cancer once before but she also did it with 3 young children on her own. Carlys first diagnosis came a week after giving birth to her youngest child and he is now only 2. After completing Chemotherapy and having to take the time to heal Carly finally returned to work only to find 2 lumps in her neck and a mass in her chest. Having been told the cancer is back after such a short time has had such a devastating effect on her the kids. I am arranging a Charity fundraiser to help raise money for Carly and four cancer support charities. > McMillan > Willow fund > Mummy star > The Osborne trust The reason we are supporting these charities is to give back, each and every one of these charities helped support Carly and the kids throughout her last battle and this time we think it’s only right we help them back.
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