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Anna Lumley

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01 Aug 2020
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PLEASE READ MY STORY It’s on people 😳 a full head shave 😬 Saturday the 1st of August is the big day ❤️ This is to support my dear friend Janine Bimson (was Somerville ) through a horrendous time 😞 she is the kindest soul Iv ever met and everyone who knows her needs to sponser me for her 👊 i cant support her through the chemo due to the risks with covid ... so il support her this way instead so we loose our hair together ❤️ There will be a live feed on the day from the front of her house in Kirkby malzeard where she can safely watch from the window. All you local people have known her all your life so get some money raised with me ... and everyone who dosnt know janine who knows me let’s get some money raised .... lets show her she is not alone 🙏 All my hair will be donated to the little princess trust charity .. who provide real hair wigs to children and young adults who have lost their hair due to cancer or other illness❤️ PLEASE SHARE PEOPLE 🙏 PLEASE SPONSOR ME 🙏 PLEASE DONATE 🙏 CLICK THE LINK 💰 💴 👊 LETS GET THIS ROLLING 🙏
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