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Ann Mason

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01 Aug 2021
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Macmillan supported us through my husband's cancer treatment in two ways... Firstly, Macmillan funded people at Ipswich Hospital. The wonderful Linda, a Macmillan nurse at the cancer clinic, was with us all the way from initial diagnosis, through treatment, recurrences and remission. Lisa and Amanda, Macmillan radiographers, were there through two courses of radiotherapy... Secondly, in a host of printed resources and online, Macmillan provided information. This helped us understand the cancer, its treatments and how to work around changes resulting from treatment...... I want to raise funds for Macmillan so that others can be supported through their cancer. Brave the Shave is the way I am choosing to do this, to honour the people I know, or briefly met, who lost their hair through cancer treatment. Please support generously!
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