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Angelyn Easton

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28 Feb 2021
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I am braving the shave to raise money for Macmillan who gave support to my wonderful Mother who sadly passed away too young at 64 years old only 6 months after diagnosis of bowel cancer. I was blessed that she lived long enough to attend my wedding and meet her first grandchild, my beautiful niece Clara. I would also like to dedicate this to many other family members we’ve lost to this dreadful illness as well as those continuing to live with cancer like my Nannie (Jennie) and my best friend’s Mum (Melanie). I am following in the footsteps of my inspirational second cousin Libby who cut her hair to raise money for another cancer charity when she was just 7 and like her I will be donating my hair to The Little Princesses Trust. My shave date will also be the same as Libby’s hair cut was 4 years ago, on 28th Feb. I have set my target at £650, £10 for each centimetre of length. All donations gratefully received (any spare hats would also be gratefully received 😂) Virtual hugs and kisses to all during this difficult time.
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