Angel Holland

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21 Dec 2018
I have no personal experience of myself or someone close to me fighting cancer but I have heard stories from others who did. Their stories touched my heart and I really would love to help by raising money for Macmillan. I’ve heard incredible stories of how Macmillan has helped patients and their families and I would be so proud to support them to carry on doing that fantastic job that they do. I’m also Braving The Shave because I wish to empower and inspire anyone who is fighting cancer and is fearing losing their hair. I know this can be very depressing (mostly for women but even for some men) and I hope to encourage a more positive attitude when facing something like this. With everything else that they are dealing with they really do not need added stress and upset. Society accepts things the more they witness it. So I’m shaving to prove hair isn’t everything and show my bald head proudly. I’m also donating my hair to the Little Princess Trust. Please help me reach my target! TIA