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Alison Morrant

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01 Aug 2020
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Thanks for supporting my fundraising. As many of you know Dad and Alex both had cancer at the same time in 2010/11 and I found the Macmillan online community so helpful. Their nurses are great too. I have been threatening to shave my hair off for ages as Chris & Tim did it with Alex when he was going through his treatment and was losing his hair. I kept saying I'd do it when I was 50, then when friends got cancer but I didn't. A good friend has inspired me by shaving her hair for charity last year in memory of her husband, Tim ordered some clippers during lockdown & FB add came up for Brave the Shave so I guessed the time was right. So Tim and I are both going to shave each others hair off this coming weekend! As some of you know my hair has always been special to me and at one point a few years ago it was nearly down to my waist but it's just hair and it will grow back (a nice shade of grey!). It will be very emotional and I will be thinking of all my dear friends and relatives who haven't had a choice in losing their hair as it's been part of their cancer story.
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