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Alastair Renshaw

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03 Dec 2021
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I'll be honest and say that this all originated from an office joke. I have *very* thick hair, so much so you could claim that it's one of my defining features. A colleague joked that they'd give me £10 if I completely shaved my hair off, as who wouldn't want to see such a drastic change? I laughed at his comment but thought nothing of it. He mentioned it to a few others who also said they'd gladly give me £10 to see me shave my hair completely off. Randomly a couple of days later, I remembered that when I was in school a kid got diagnosed with cancer and required chemotherapy. With no hesitation whatsoever, his brother then decided to 'Brave The Shave' in support of him, which has stuck with me for some reason. Whilst I've been lucky not to have been affected myself or in my family, I've had friends who have had and fortunately survived cancer and I've also had friends who have unfortunately lost loved ones due to cancer so doing this felt like a right thing to do. I went back into work the day after and decided that I'd take my colleague up on his offer but instead of my wallet that £10 should be going to something else.
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